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About Me

Being born and raised in Holland, I was always interested in art and wanted to attend the Art School in the Hague.However back in the 70's, it was quite the hippie place and my father thought it would be better to become an international secretary instead!


After my studies and learning to speak, write, and type 4 languages, I ended up working for an American company, married a Hungarian, had two boys and moved to Switzerland. Three years later, I moved to the U.S. in 1982.


After having a traumatic health issue in 2011 which left me with a severe lack of confidence, I retreated more and more to my home and started to paint.


Without any formal artistic education or training, I began to learn from the internet and took instruction in local painting classes to get started. My old desire to draw and love for colors just came pouring back. Of course I copied a lot from existing art, but I also started to paint my pets, my house, local landscapes and painting whatever subjects friends requested. Everyone loved it and kept encouraging me to continue.


Slowly I recovered my self confidence and in 2013 I remarried and created a mini personalized painting for every guest as a wedding favor. It was such a success that my friends started to commission me to paint their pets or any other subject.


Since childhood, I had a passion for horses and I love painting them. After my first granddaughter was born, I really felt compelled to paint for her and for other children as well

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